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VOL 51 - 2006

Major Goodman: An Iowa farm youth devoted his career to broadening the maize genetic base.


Major M. Goodman: a laudation. JB Holland, PK Bretting, DM Bubeck, AJ Cardinal, RN Holley, DV Uhr


Gains from selection during the development of semiexotic inbred lines from Latin American maize accessions. JA Tarter, JB Holland


Isozyme and morphological variation in maize of five Andean countries. JJ Sánchez G, MM Goodman, RMcK Bird, CW Stuber


Incorporation of elite subtropical and tropical maize germplasm into elite temperate germplasm. FC Whitehead, HG Caton, AR Hallauer, S Vasal, H Cordova


Changes in parentage and genetic diversity of widely used maize hybrids grown in the northern United States and France from 1930 to the present. JSC Smith, P Desbons, J Gogerty, WS Niebur


Evaluation of maize hybrids containing different proportion of NC298 tropical germplasm line in their male parents. NJ Vasic, MR Ivanovic, IJ Brkic, GF Bekavac, ZI Zdunic, AS Jambrovic


Pathogenicity, aggressiveness, and virulence of three species of Cercospora associated with gray leaf spot of maize. ML Carson, MM Goodman


Mapping of factors for resistance to leaf-blade feeding by European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) in maize. AJ Cardinal, M Lee, WD Guthrie, J Bing, DF Austin, LR Veldboom, ML Senior


Zea models and matrices, measures and materials. RMcK Bird


Phylogeography of the wild subspecies of Zea mays. ES Buckler IV, MM Goodman, TP Holtsford, JF Doebley, J Sanchez G


Resistance of temperately adapted tropical inbred lines and testcrosses to three important maize pathogens. MS Hawbaker, MM Goodman


Breeding progress measured in eight elite inbred families. DM Bubeck, MR Carlone, RL Fox, MD Hoffbeck, RL Segebart, DS Stucker


Stability of QTLs involved in heterosis in maize when mapped under several stress conditions. JR LeDeaux, GI Graham, CW Stuber


Donald N. Duvick: an Illinois farm youth to an academic in the corporate offices.


Dedication: Donald N. Duvick. Maize breeder, geneticist, and administrator. AR Hallauer, JSC Smith


Evaluation of heterotic patterns of Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic and non-Stiff Stalk Synthetic maize populations. CC Rasmussen, AR Hallauer


Effect of random mating on marker-QTL associations for grain quality traits in the cross of Illinois High Oil x Illinois Low Oil. DB Willmot, JW Dudley, TR Rocheford, Al Bari


Maize population hybrids: an exploitation of US temperate public genetic diversity in reserve. MJ Carena, ZW Wicks III


Evaluation of Zapalote Chico accessions for conservation and enhancement. S Taba, J Díaz, F Aragón C, F Rincón-Sanchez, JM Hernández, M Krakowsky


The Gametophyte-1 locus and reproductive isolation among Zea mays subspecies. JL Kermicle, S Taba, MMS Evans


An early excision variant of the MuDR/Mu transposon family is not associated with a local duplication of the bz1::Mu1 allele. GN Rudenko, A Ono, V Walbot


Genetic diversity among maize hybrids widely grown in contrasting regional environments in the United States during the 1990s. S Smith, C Löffler, M Cooper


The development and importance of zein protein bodies in maize endosperm. DR Holding, BA Larkins


Selecting among available, elite tropical maize inbreds for use in long-term temperate breeding. PT Nelson, MP Jines, MM Goodman


Uncaging mutants: moving from menageries to ménages. EH Coe, ML Schaeffer


Linkage disequilibrium between SSR markers in six pools of elite lines of an European breeding program for hybrid maize. HP Maurer, C Knaak, AE Melchinger, M Ouzunova, M Frisch


More on the introduction of temperate maize into Europe: large-scale bulk SSR genotyping and new historical elements. P Dubreuil, M Warburton, M Chastanet, D Hoisington, A Charcosset


Temporal trends in SSR allele frequencies associated with long-term selection for yield of maize. L Feng, S Sebastian, S Smith, M Cooper


Genetic analysis of traits correlated with maize ear length. AJ Ross, AR Hallauer, M Lee


A genetic bridge to utilize Tripsacum germplasm in maize improvement. MW Eubanks


Effects of long-term selection on seedling traits and ABA accumulation in commercial maize hybrids. MC Sanguineti, DN Duvick, S Smith, P Landi, R Tuberosa


Latin American Maize Project (LAMP) and Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) project: generating useful breeding germplasm. W Salhuana, L Pollak


Consensus quantitative trait maps in maize: a database strategy. M Schaeffer, P Byrne, EH Coe Jr


Changes in drought tolerance in maize associated with fifty years of breeding for yield in the US Corn Belt. H Campos, M Cooper, GO Edmeades, C Löffler, JR Schussler, M Ibañez


Characterization of floral morphology and synchrony among Zea species in Mexico. JR Rodríguez, JJ Sánchez G, B Baltazar M, L De la Cruz L, F Santacruz-Ruvalcaba, J Ron P, JB Schoper


Dissection of physiological processes underlying grain yield in maize by examining genetic improvement and heterosis. M Tollenaar, EA Lee


Altering the fatty acid composition of Corn Belt corn through Tripsacum introgression. SA Duvick, LM Pollak, JW Edwards, PJ White


Grain composition and amino acid content in maize cultivars representing 80 years of commercial maize varieties. MP Scott, JW Edwards, CP Bell, JR Schussler, JS Smith


Response to low soil nitrogen stress of S1 maize breeding lines, selected for high vertical root-pulling resistance. AY Kamara, A Menkir, I Kureh, LO Omoigui


Past and prospects of forage maize breeding in Europe. II. History, germplasm evolution and correlative agronomic changes. Y Barrière, D Alber, O Dolstra, C Lapierre, M Motto, A Ordas, J Van Waes, L Vlasminkel, C Welcker, JP Monod


Identification of superior quality protein maize hybrids for different mega-environments using the Biplot methodology. R Preciado-Ortiz, R Guerrero, A Ortega, A Térron, F Crossa, H Cordova, C Reyes, G Aguilar, C Tut, N Gómez, E Cervantes


Experimental transmission of corn stunt siroplasma present in different regions of Argentina. P Carpane, IG Laguna, E Virla, S Paradell, L Murúa, M Paz Giménez-Pecci


A genetic linkage map of a flint maize (Zea mays var. indurata L) Italian landrace using a one-way pseudo-testcross strategy and multilocus PCR-based markers. G Barcaccia, L Pallottini, P Parrini, M Lucchin


Effect of Herbaspirillum seropedicae inoculation on maize nitrogen metabolism. CM Ribaudo, DP Rondanini, GD Trinchero, JA Curá


Genetic analysis of performance of maize inbred lines selected for tolerance to drought under low nitrogen. SK Meseka, A Menkir, AES Ibrahim, SO Ajala


Genetic gains from cycles of full-sib recurrent selection for low nitrogen tolerance in a tropical maize population. LO Omoigui, SO Alabi, SG Ado, SO Ajala, AY Hamara


Genetic distance based on SSR and grain yield of inter and intrapopulational maize single cross hybrids. EP Amorim, VB Oliveira Amorim, JB dos Santos, A Pereira de Souza, JC de Souza


Mapping of quantitative trait loci associated with early flowering of a northern flint maize (Zea mays L) inbred line. H Enoki, K Miki, K Koinuma


Heterotic patterns among French and Spanish maize populations. P Revilla, A Boyat, Á Álvarez, B Gouesnard, P Soengas, A Ordás, RA Malvar


Haploid regeneration aptitude of maize (Zea mays L) lines of various origin and of their hybrids. T Spitkó, L Sági, J Pintér, LC Marton, B Barnabás


Genetic relationships among CIMMYT subtropical QPM and Chinese maize inbred lines based on SSRs. MS Li, XH Li, S Salvi, R Tuberosa, LX Yuan, F Rotondo, L Bai, SH Zhang


Multivariate analyses of the genetic diversity of forty-seven Striga resistant tropical early maturing maize inbred lines. B Badu-Apraku, A Menkir, MAB Fakorede, A Fontem Lum, K Obeng-Antwi


Malate dehydrogenase isozyme patterns in four cycles of half-sib selection from CMS-43 popcorn variety (Zea mays L). LK Pereira, CA Mangolin, CA Scapim, CAP Pacheco, CM Bonato, MFPS Machado


Cold tolerance improvement of sugary enhancer1 hybrids of sweet corn. B Ordás, G Padilla, RA Malvar, A Ordás, VM Rodríguez, P Revilla


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